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Friday, October 18, 2013

The shell of mind

Changed I had known before, and it had been gradual. My father had been a headman called “Kumnun” once, a person of consequence in our village: I had lived to see him relinguish this importance but the alteration was so slow that we hardly knew when it came. I had seen both my parents sink into old age and died of cancer, and here to there was no different. But the change that came to my life, into all our lives, blasting its way to our village, seemed wrought unto the twinkling of my eruption surprised eyes.
I didn’t even looked at his face while I’m doing that but felt Arjade too, came running to us with the news. He had run all the way from the village and we had to wait while he gulped in fresh air “Hundreds of men, they are pulling down houses” he grasped”Around the bullocl carts carrying bricks surrounded the maiden.” The other children clustered up and he felt that importance to the point that made him doing so well in buffering that news”I’m going back to be seen a lot of phenomenon.” He’s a thrill seeker type I would guess so, Jack Adams looked up for the grain he was measuring into wisdom of extream, it is the bottom line while he torned between the new tannery they are building and the rumours he heard.from the talk of town. He put the grain away carefully in the granary of thought of unthinkable thought along with the logical conclusion. Among the perpetual congnitive behavior, still there are some lotuses, these stamen were analysed one by one with conscientious observation. Consisting of the ovary, stigma and style, like any young tree in the strom can’t stand up against the wind. Had it happened now, that, the pollination occurred in the rainy day while the blubs presenting digniy and pride.First the mother superior dreamt about the galaxy, An enculturation of planet enrooted the Uranus’ axis, it was Jupitor himself had made this exit.
Come,we’ll see if it true.”. All the families were out upon the news spread rapidly as the chemical reaction filled up to the brims of their conciousnesses. Kali and her husbasnd, Khunti and her boys, janaki, surrounded by her normurous family, even old granny, had come out to see in thrilled excited voices. We formed the circle around the new comer, first, some fifty men who were unloaded bricks from the bullock carts, they spoke in our language with the accent, “Town people” Kali whispered. “They traveled more than a hundred miles to get here.” She was exaggerated her belived whatever was told by the news interpretor, the man in charged dressed with shirt and trousers, and he had a hat on his head such as I had seen in town same colour as a topee 2. หมวกกะโล่. The other were loin -cloths and turbans, only a few wore shirts but when the heat wave wore them out, they doffed their shirts as our men, they worked well and quickly and as the supervisor, He had made so much played of his authority, directed them with his loud voice and waved his arms about, for the shirt was wet and sticking to his back, now and then he would lift his had as if he were cooling off while he waving it on to his scalp. Until at last there was a commotion about the edge of the circle where we looking out at the inner verge of the ring. The crowd was paning out, and spread-eagled to where we were given in too, to let a tall white man walked right in. He had on a dark grey hat and was escorted by three or four men dressed like him in shorts. This highlighted man now come forward, bowing on his bended spine, and the flaunted face one talked to him in low voice that nobodyelse could understood of what he had talked it out. The functions of mind s ratios the relatively time and spaces indirectly to us. “As he waved us as if we were owned.” Glaring at him and refuse to move, as did by the3 few others who resented the haunted orders that poured from the man’s lips, on the contradiction 1. การโต้แย้ง , most of us did the thing which having our own concerns to mind the gap within the building’s site. Every day for two months the line of bullock carts came in with laiden bricks and stones and the bonding and hardenining substance that made of sugar-cane to build the walls covered with sheet of the hot tin roof covered as a do. The klins in neighbouring villages were kept busy firing the logs for cooked out the red bricks but not enough bricks for the building and the carts had to go outer vincinity to get the output materials. Women in our village, since they could sell as much money for worked day and night twisted the jute for rope, as much as they could made, and mark up their prosperus, selling their goods and they bought lavishly such as rice and veggies all at once including meats that made out by dhaled and fruits. And one day the building has been completed by those workers who had taken their belongs, their goods and chattels such as pets and gooses with them leaving only the empty huts behind.. There was a kind of silence in the unwanted nothing ness . We were wondered what would happen next? Linkage of a whole weak went by one after another. Having been loosen our curious awe we did entered the building more than once, peeking and poking around the corners of the temple like, then looked up at the sphered shape roof top. The great vats and drums that had been installed. Before we realized this situation, we set out our own tasks on the land of our own the estimation on prices, they had made it sour high, too high for us I’m not sorry to see them go. They will be back all the troubles eased but a hell in our minds.“Never, never,” I cried. “They may live in our midst, but I can never accept them, for they lay their hands upon us and we are turn from tilling to barter, and hoard our silver dollars since we can not spend it, their children gorge but ours starving.” "Foolish." Nathan said,"no way, we're going back. Bend like grass in the winter time so you won't break." Our children did not see us so serious, so vehement,before. they huddled in the corner stared at us in the wide open eyes.