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Thursday, July 25, 2013


           AHer facial stance was ss cold as ice the statue of chemical reaction  Here's the teaser for the paranormal investigation we did at the historic Lopez-Tijerina Housing Complex in Rio Grande City, TX where an apparition of a Civil War soldier was captured. A silent partner “good time with me”, said with whimsical tone of voice. Zooming at the ideal of beauty as it is, one usually thinks of the obsession as an undetect virus of soul. That was the disease caught some time in the former years. But remaining dormant untilt he temporary weakness of body’s immune to whom permits it to break loose. allowed me to probe at the heart of quasar and witness the birth of a star, a poet of her contemporary and a leader of goddesses, her singular version has not yet been released to all hearts of men the vice versa element that she created placed her to the vanguard of surrealistic artist, her explored to natural beauty is the certain realms of eroticism which presenting the ideal of such beauties as a complex embodiment, infect by god. Solemnities by this endowed transition, her virtue of sanity has not yet being able to reconstructed urgent efforts. At the end of the suicidal point, the third attempt had been succeeded while the oscilloscope shown maximum current, described by this proclaims thought of revelation, in the faked autopsy stated that was she who committed suicide . Thus, this girl could have her life ended at Mount Olivetti cemetery.... at Olivetti convent the accomplishment made her the mother superior one more time for the good time if she could find the need of existence “just lift your head up” and breathe upon that pillar sieved through weather her regnant ego, or ambivalent that tingled with her sense of vigilante. For her pubescent of an old believing had placed her in the realistic vanguard she would have said unto the intimidator, to “eat your heart out if you should find the need of my existence.” Cyclopes who rides the horse looked at the solar time machine it was about time the en route of Jupiter to the Uranus’s magnetic field .

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