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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Foreign Exchange

When the dead are also evil. I agreed to have the knowledge of how symptoms . Buddha's sermon spoke to me . Anon with the reasons which support the input sequence that preaches the Word to Word Plsm, look here that Anon who is Buddah's survivor, not me or you observe the Arts, of the self confidence for the first stance , but still alive Counterfeiting of a box contains sumone by use the original peper’s container, Oh! How is that happened ? Said the hunter to Chuchoke, that was an inglorious incedent, the thing so called black pepper’s container had been intermidiated for. .Look here Anon who struck up a formless Brahma then . And will have a sole cooking of Uttar attain the extremely long due . Nirvana is called temporal difference is not extinguished but spirits only. At the end of the integration . Wandering into the temporal and Nirvana . I still have a sore evil and good , and death, happiness and suffering are still blaming the policeman must know that Nirvana Carlo simulated release . Have made their minds to be like the first. To neglect , greed , anger, struck down the evil and the good . To have a modest factor .
.Look here soon when I know heaven and hell and nirvana should know that in the time before the dead alive . Thousands suffering in hell when I hurried out to. This is a genuine misunderstanding . Because it is the only one alive on this planet , it's mental . When I die, then this planet . When life is not suffering any dead when it was suffering . Undoubtedly when lives were either dead when the fight was the one that will undoubtedly live on . I also do not see the suffering and stigma are happy with this condition. He is a man obsessed . Any person who wants to be happy , but they did not get the nothing forever. Protectives is pending.

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